We believe the ride must not only about smooth and speed but it also should reduce all worries & make the ride eco – friendly

If you have an Eco – Friendly Vision We will help you to turn it into reality!!!


  • Fast Charging technology.
  • It adopts battery direct drive structure in which the power layout is compact and energy utilization rate is 5% higher as compared to product Of its kind
  • comprehensive energy-saving efficiency is higher due to 5% lighter than products Of its kind.
  • By integrating diverse charging modes, the product is the result Of safety, energy conservation, and high efficiency


By contemplating and considering the size of cities, roads, demands, and needs of local population of a specific geographical location, the E- bus has been diversified into 3 types.

12 FP Series Electric City Bus
Equipped with advanced autonomous complete vehicle control system. 12 FP series battery electric city bus adopts AC asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motor so that the complete vehicle is safe and re;.able. As a critical role that facilitates first/second-tier cities to develop the public transportation and popularize all-around solution for the new-energy vehicle. this series of vehicle: models assume the main operation of trunk lines in large and middle cities.

9FP Series Electric City Bus

9FP Series electric city bus customised for middle and small cities. Also, it adapts to public transportation along branch lines and in outskirts of large cities and an assist middle to create a pleasant environment that is eco-friendly and livable.

6 FP Series Electric City Bus 

6FP Series electric city Bus to be mainly used for narrow roads along the branch lines between urban blocks/communities, so as to set an example of comfort for ‘The Last One – Kilometer Transportation’ of the city


FOTON PMI is building up and actively refining parts distribution center, step by step including offering multiple attractive and not to miss benefits to each client.

Ultra-Long Warranty

All FP series buses come with 24 months or 2,00,000 Kms warranty services.

Service Support

Service plan support, on site service support, vehicle operation guarantee, training support, technical material support are asured.

Timely Service

Service Model is planned in quick response mode

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